by Einzelganger



urbanite [ˈɜːbəˌnaɪt]: a resident of an urban community; city dweller

"Urbanites" is made of original sound recordings all made in The Hague.

I like to use the term Acousmatic Painting for these kinds of tracks. In acousmatic works it's not necessary to recognize the sound source. Although some of the used material is used in its original recognizable form (church bells, kids, birds) other material has been so heavily processed and cut up that it becomes just abstract sound.

Downloadable on Soundcloud. Check the link on the right side.


released February 22, 2012




Einzelganger Den Haag, Netherlands

I’m a Dutch self-taught musician. Einzelganger is my solo project. Follow the links below to find out more about my musical projects and field recordings.

I’m also curator of the Kernel Panic concert series at Studio Loos, Den Haag.
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